Rape cake

Rape cake is an energy and protein feed for animals made from rape seeds by warm pressing. Rape cake is a protein feed mostly for oxen, but it can be successfully used together with other protein feeds for birds and pigs. The qualities of rape cakes depend greatly on pressing technology, particularly on the pressing temperature. A distinction should be made between hot press and so-called warm press. Due to the lower pressing temperature of the seeds, the rape cake is oilier (12-14%) when warm pressed. This increases the energy value of rape cake. Compared to the hot press cake, other significant differences are:

  • Higher protein content
  • Lower content of NDF (neutral fibre i.e. cellulose+hemicellulose+lignin)
  • Lower content of ADF (acidic fibre i.e. practically indigestible fibre cellulose+lignin)
  • Higher level of Ca, P, microelements and vitamins (during hot press, more these elements are lost in the cake)

Feedback from customers says that animals like the warm pressed rape cake better. Increased oil content may cause problems in long-term storage (oil rancidity), but this occurs only when storing the cake more than six months. A couple of monthly storage is not a problem and the cakes stay fresh.