Glycerol (also known as glycerine or glycerin), is a by-product of biodiesel fuel production. Glycerin finds extensive use in both the pharmaceutical industry as well as in agriculture. BioOil Ldt offers up to 80% pure glycerin for sale, which is particularly well suited for the use in agriculture or for the production of biogas for microbe feed.

Crude glycerol a sweet-tasting viscous liquid, is a good feed supplement for dairy cattle. The use of glycerol as a feed supplement for farm animals is not something new, primary tests with dairy cows and sheep were carried out more than half a century ago.

At the beginning, glycerol was used for dairy cows during the transition period to prevent and treat metabolism related diseases (ketosis). In recent years, however, it has started to be used as an energy source in the ration of high producing animals to replace the starchy feed grains. Today, glycerol is a feed supplement for farm animals approved by the European Union, but it is important to monitor its chemical composition, in particular, methanol, and the content of salts!