About company

Biooil Ltd, an enterprise based on Estonian capital, was established in 2005. Its main activity at the beginning was pressing rapeseed oil from rapeseed. The production (rapeseed oil and rape cake) was marketed mainly as animal feed.

In 2006, the company started the production of biodiesel fuel. Glycerol, which is the by-product of the fuel production, was sold to customers outside the company.

Since 2010, the company itself processes and markets glycerol and sells it as animal feed. The main customers are located in Estonia and its neighbouring countries.

Today, the company buys a variety of extra rapeseed oil fractions and glycerol and processes them as animal feed, as well as for technical purposes.

The technology that enables to purify glycerol is about to be launched in the near future, and that allows the company to extend the sale of glycerol not only in the agricultural sector but also in pharmaceutical industry.